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i see you in the corner

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LookBook - Esme Milena - 2010.06.11

[pixel kitsch] traces octopussy!

Skin : &Bean – Hounds of Love LIGHT in Vessla (brow option 2)
Hair : – Marie in Anxious Blond
Tshirt : Milk Motion – My Loose Tshirt in Cross
Dress : Emery – Esme Striped Jumpsuit in Gray
Garters/Stockings : Maitreya – Girdle & Stockings in Crayon
Boots : J’s – Thigh High Boots in BLack
Ring : Trace Osterham (unreleased, I suggest harassing him and telling him he should put it up for sale! *hits you with the motivation hammer*)
Pose : Flowey
Listening To :  Gang Gang Dance – Princes

I’m still without photoshop at the moment so thank you to my babay Umas for the pictures! <3


we’ll put an end to him

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Skin : Curio – Petal Frex [Light] Winter in Chestnut 1
Hair : 69 – Omnia 50 in Ash Blonde
Shirt : Aoharu – Flannel Shirt in Brown (part of Down Vest set)
Pants : Narwhal – High Waist Jeans in Dark
Boots : Laqroki – Knee High Boots in Brown
Antlers : Sugarcube – Apple Tree Headwear
Cheeks : BP* – Hoppe/Cheeks/normal/chin (tinted)
Poses : Flowey
Pictures taken at : Butterdish by Wavie Haller
Listening To: The Antlers – Bear (thanks to a Mr. Niko Lyle)

who you touch

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[click hereto go to flickr and view larger!]

Skin : lessthanthree<3 – Phoebe in 07, 03, and 01 (available 09/26, I *believe* there is a preview in her subscribo though!)
Hair & Oversized Scarf/Cowel Neck : Kookie – Ono in Vanilla Yoghurt (will be released later tonight)
Shirt : Emery – Mini Top #1
Dress : Surf Couture – Colleen in Dusty Rose
Leggings : Sh*t Happens = Mariya Stirrup Tights in Navy
Shoes : SLink – Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator in Silver
Pose : Flowey – Immensely
Listening to : Benjamin E Morsberger – Don’t Forget To Regret


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Skin : Curio – Petal FREX [Light] April in Redbud 1
Hair : Magika – Short Messy in Blonde A
Dress : Fishy Strawberry – Pivano Dress in White
Jeans : Opium – Everday “Roxy” Jeans in Light Prefade
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Cowgirl Boots in Used Brown
Necklace : Ume Mode – Feather Necklace (scripted)
Pose : Flowey
Listening To : Sporto Kantes – Whistle

we call it dignified

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I found these pants today on accident while searching for a Nintendo DS featured in one of Ikki’s blog posts. (If you’re not familiar with his blog, you should be!) The rest is stuff I’ve had in my inventory for awhile and never found anything to post it with. :P Too hot. Too tired. Must sleep!

Skin : Curio – Petal FREX [Light] April in Redbud 1
Hair : Stuff – Leighton in Blonde
Dress : U:Ka – Nightingale Dress in Midnight
Caridgan : Reale – Sogni Cardigan in Beige
Pants : ! NU i – Cropped Pants in Red
Shoes : Armidi Gisaci – Dhali Bow Platforms in Bole
Pose : Flowey

Percussion Gun” by White Rabbits.

why you lookin’ at me like you’re a lady

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I know there have been conflicting opinions on the Vive9 Aoki skins… but I absolutely love them. The face is adorable and I love the freckly little nose. <3 Also, I don't think you can go wrong with 7 different makeups for L$2,000. The outfit itself is pretty simple but let's be honest here… all that's really needed is a comfortable looking baggy shirt and jeans that make your pixel booty look awesome, am I right? Well, actually… I guess ice cream never hurts. :p

Skin : Vive9 – Aoki in Light Purify NB
Hair : Foam – Rachelle in Blonde C
Shirt : Arai – Pul Shirt in White
Jeans : Maitreya – Rolled Skinny Jean in #04
Sandals : Surf Couture – Freedom Flops in Light Blue (tinted slightly)
Grass Stains : Figure 8 – Summer Camp Sucks in Grass Stained Knees 2
Flower : Artilleri – Tropicana Hair Flower in Pink (color scripted)
Ice Cream : Reek – TMNT Ice Cream in Donatello
Poses : Sweet Lovely Cute, Flowey, & DP YumYum.

Dry Your Cheeks” by Jamie T.
Everyone that speaks to me is already sick of me linking to this song already, I’m sure, but too bad!

i’m singing lullabies

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I wasn’t really planning on posting this look but I had to because oh my god this bag. I love everything owls so I had to go buy this as soon as I saw Noam post this release on his blog. The sculpts, the textures, the OWLLLL. <33333

Skin : Gala – Petal FREX [Light] June in Swan2
Hair : Love Kitty – Spring in Pale Blond
Top : Niniko – Chiffon Cutsew in Red
Dress : Twee – Floozy Dress in Purple
Jeans : Fishy Strawberry -Distressed Denim in Old
Shoes : Detour – London Flats in Coffee
Bag : Gritty Kitty – Hoot Bag in Brown
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
Bracelet : U&R Dogs – Cyprian Bracelet
Poses : Flowey – leaving tonight, going somewhere deep inside my mind & lay your hands on me

On A Saturday” by Jacob Golden, who I’ve been listening to non-stop for the past few days.
-I want to sit and watch the girls in Soho Square, I fell in love so many times just sitting there.-

i wanna explode

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This is pretty much the result of a weird mood and being broke and having to dig through my inventory and make due with what I already own. I actually ended up liking the end result a lot so yay for it being clean enough that I can still find things I bought over a year ago. :p

Skin : Curio – Petal [Light] April in Tulip 1
Hair : MADesigns – Alex in SB III
Tee : Fishy Strawberry – BowIE Tee in Hooked Grey
Skirt : Canimal – Street Mini in Black
Pants : Armidi Limited – Kogo Skinny Pants in Indian Red
Shoes : Maitreya – Verve in Black
Vest : Ranoel – Lace Vest in Black
Scarf : Cachet – Tube Scarf in Midnight
Ring : Paper Couture – Times Square Ring in Diamond
Poses : Flowey

Explode” by Uh Huh Her. Love love love this song.
You got to pay if you want some more.

so tell me what the time is now

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If you haven’t noticed already, the LE Mickey shirt from Milk Motion that I posted yesterday has been removed from sale. There are, however, 15 other designs of the loose tshirt available. :) All I’m gonna say about todays outfit is this: Damn you, Kookie! You’ve made me break my “no prim feetsies” rule. They’re only toes though. :x Does that count? /me hides.

SKin : Surf Couture – Zinc Oxide in Haunted House
Hair : ETD – Chel in Platinum
Jacket : Muism – Denim Jacket in Gray
Dress : Church of Luxe – Angel Dress in Raspberry
Shoes : Kookie – Chic Heels in Ink
Barette : Japancakes – Pansy Barrette in Black
Pose : Flowey – I’m blogger and I hate dramas!

Slow Burning Crimes” by East Hundred.