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i see you in the corner

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LookBook - Esme Milena - 2010.06.11

[pixel kitsch] traces octopussy!

Skin : &Bean – Hounds of Love LIGHT in Vessla (brow option 2)
Hair : – Marie in Anxious Blond
Tshirt : Milk Motion – My Loose Tshirt in Cross
Dress : Emery – Esme Striped Jumpsuit in Gray
Garters/Stockings : Maitreya – Girdle & Stockings in Crayon
Boots : J’s – Thigh High Boots in BLack
Ring : Trace Osterham (unreleased, I suggest harassing him and telling him he should put it up for sale! *hits you with the motivation hammer*)
Pose : Flowey
Listening To :  Gang Gang Dance – Princes

I’m still without photoshop at the moment so thank you to my babay Umas for the pictures! <3


who you touch

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[click hereto go to flickr and view larger!]

Skin : lessthanthree<3 – Phoebe in 07, 03, and 01 (available 09/26, I *believe* there is a preview in her subscribo though!)
Hair & Oversized Scarf/Cowel Neck : Kookie – Ono in Vanilla Yoghurt (will be released later tonight)
Shirt : Emery – Mini Top #1
Dress : Surf Couture – Colleen in Dusty Rose
Leggings : Sh*t Happens = Mariya Stirrup Tights in Navy
Shoes : SLink – Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator in Silver
Pose : Flowey – Immensely
Listening to : Benjamin E Morsberger – Don’t Forget To Regret

i’ll be drawing chalk stars

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I can only handle the insanity of Bare Rose once or twice a year. I may walk away with something I love every time (yesterday was no exception) but gahhhh. Just gahhhh. I doooo, however, think the white ruffly skirt I purchased was worth it. The sweater I’ve had stuffed in my inventory for awhile. I feel like I’m so behind and there’s so much I’ve wanted to post but I will TRY not to spam you all with the same stuff you’ve been seeing on the feed for the past month. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. <3

Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] April in Pink Lady 2
Hair : Junwave – Pop’nGirl in Gold
Sweater : Parallel Love – Boa Sweater in Blue
Skirt : B@R – White Ruffle Skirt (part of Chibi Denim Outfit)
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Gowgirl Boots in Used Brown
Socks : Emery – Socks in Purple
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
Bandaid : Cheeky Girl – Skinned Knees
Pose : Gustnado Modo – Pose5

Chalk Stars” by Animal Kingdom. Love this song at the moment. <3

this kiss is giving me a concussion

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I’m backkkkkkk! :P After nearly a month with no internet I feel completely behind with keeping up with new releases and new stores. I have been searchinggggg for loose t-shirts for months and months so when Marie dropped this tee on me earlier today I knew I had to post. I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part because I’m sick but SERIOUSLY… soooo excited for these! Horray.

Skin : Surf Couture – Zinc Oxide in Flip Flops
Hair : Bijou – Keira in Blond02
Shirt : Milk Motion – My Loose Tshirt in Mickey (not available for sale)
Shorts : Winter Moon – Suave Shorts w/ Suspenders
Boots : NoLabel – Cowboy Boots in Brown
Socks : Emery – My Blood Valentine Socks (part of full outfit)
Sunglasses : &Bean – Recession Street Bargain Glasses in Fom Tord

My Maudlin Career” by Camera Obscura.

[Edit – The Mickey shirt is no longer available. Marie has taken it down to prevent copyright infringement issues. HOWEVER, there are 15 other designs currently available at Milk Motion!]

This Modern Love Breaks Me

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So, I’m still a bit half here when it comes to SL but my recent shopping spree has given me the thrust back into blogging that I needed. I was trying to resist the new Gala skins all week but I finally gave in. :x Don’t tell. I love love love the face. For the outfit I wanted a dress that was less full so I took the flexi prims off of the skirt from Yui’s Favorite Things and only left the sculpty. Hoorenbeek may be a bit pricey, but there are 10 different textures in these slip ons that range from tattoo flash to Hello Kitty. The pair with the cute little face and cherry blossoms featured in this post is by far my favorite out of all of them!


Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] Lovely in Pure 1
Hair : Maitreya – Apple in Ash Blond
Dress : Yui’s Favorite Things – Spring Wanpi in Navy
Undershirt : Emery – Tank in White
Tights : Nyte’N’Day – Tights in Pink (part of Retesk outfit)
Shoes : Hoorenbeek – Print Slip Ons in Nippon


This song has been stuck in my head for days now for some reason.
This Modern Love” by Owen Pallett (Bloc Party Cover).

Lay Right Down In My Favorite Place

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Hmm… where to start with this outfit? I love it all. The dress reminds me of something old but still delicate and pretty that you’d find while cleaning out the attic. To kind of offset how feminine it is, I paired it with boots from Zero Number which have sort of worn in look to them. When I finished the outfit off, I felt like it still needed something so I went on a little shopping trip (in my own inventory) and rediscovered this cute little hair bow with a cameo pendant that I can not for the life of me remmeber buying but am glad that I found!


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : 69 – Still in Darkblonde
Jacket : Coco – Jacket&Shirt in Navy-White
Dress : The Closet – DotDress in Ivory
Shoes : Zero Number – Wo Boots in Black
Socks : Emery – My Bloody Valentine Socks
Bow : Violet Voltaire – Girl Germs Hair Bow in Black/Gargoyle


I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Emilie Simon (Iggy Pop cover).

Crush On Obama

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It’s true. I do, indeed, have a crush on Obama. Not only does our president not embarrass me for the first time in 8 years, but the man is just plain tasty. I’m just sayin’. Anyway, this outfits a little bit recycled from election day but it was never posted to the blog and seemed fitting for today also. :p The shirt obviously does say crush on it and not cush (it’s just difficult to take pictures of text on the back of shirts without the letters getting wonky because of poses) and it’s available (for FREE!) in Uma’s shop. :)


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Mirai Style – Fuka in Vanilla
Shirt : ToastFace – Obama Crush Tee
Skirt : UnTone Quilt – Denimskirt in Black
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP014
Leggings : Emery – Leggings 1
Socks : Sh*t Happens – Over The Knee Tube Socks in Black
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses


Yes We Can” by (among many other guests.)

Drop It Doe Eyes

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2008 at 6:07 am

This look just sort of just came together while looking through old things in my inventory. I ended up with the old trusty cock?swan? necklace, after buying five others and being unsatisfied with them. The only things that I actually purchased to complete this outfit were the shoes and fedora. To finish it off, I created some glitch socks to go with the pants and shrunk the prims down to cover up the seams between the two to turn them into leggings.


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.11.28

Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Minnu – Mary Kate in Beach Blonde
Jacket : Bare Rose – Inferno Jacket in Black
Dress : Tracolore – Check Dress in Blue
Leggings : Armidi Limited – Kogo Skinny Pants in Faded Umber
Shoes : Maitreya – Mishima Dawn in Ruff Leather Black
Hat : Akeyo – Fedora in Grey Wool
Necklace : Creamshop – Cock?Swan? Necklace in Gold
Glasses : Emery – Aviators in Rosy
Ring : Creamshop – Wood Coin Ring

Kitschy Clusterfucked Top Five

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I decided to get things started I’d do a top ten countdown of my favorite outfits. Then I decided that was too many. So I tried to cut it down to five, but that didn’t work because I had seven. But seven is a weird number use for a countdown. So maybe eight? No that was too many. Back down to five. :/ Sorry, is my OCD showing? Anyway… I present to you what may or may not be…


The Kitschy Clusterfucked Top Five

LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.10.21

Number Five
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Aden – Edie in Platinum
Jacket : Muism – Jacket from Tailored Suit Set
Shirt : 141 CP – Plaid Button Up?
Shorts : Dernier Cri – Shorts in Black
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP003
Socks : Bare Rose – Inferno Socks
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.11.01
Number Four
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Fascino – Marte in White
Top : Sweetest Good-Bye – Dambi in Charcoal
Skirt : UnTone Quilt – Denim Skirt in Black
Leggings : BP* – Argyle Wool Tights in Black0
Shoes : Maitreya – Soho Knit Boots in Boho-Chic
Ring : Creamshop – Wood Coin Ring


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.10.15

Number Three
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Punch
Hair : Hiccup – Ghost Boobs in Platinum
Coat : BP* – Duffel Coat
Under Shirt : Camie Cooper – Long Tank in Green
Pants : Elephant Outfitters (Armidi) – Journey Tweed Slacks in Coal
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP005
Scarf : BP* – Crochet Scarf
Hair Bow : D!FF – Bowstache in Black
Ring : ZOMG I MADE A RING by…. ME! :P


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.11.16

Number Two
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Tropic
Hair : Tekuteku – x’mas Long in Cream
Coat : DP YumYum – A Line Short Coat w/ Corsage in Pink
Skirt : Grandma – Polka Dot &amp; Flower Skirt (modified)
Shoes : Detour – London Flats in Pink
Tights : Boing Fromage – Crochet Tights (tinted to tan)
Socks : Untone Quilt – Mokomoko socks in White Argyle (as base) w/ Cubic Effect – Legwarmers in Silver (moified)
Strawberry : BP* – Mouth Strawberry (holiday acorn hunt gift)


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.10.17
Number One
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Tropic
Hair : Exile – Voodoo in Harlow
Jacket : Muism – Jacket from Tailored Suit Set
Shirt : Emery – Le Giraffe Tee in Ocean
Skirt & Belt : Emery – Rocka Skirt in Uva from Swan Feather Gift Set
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP018
Earings : Canimal – Cupcake Earings
Ring : Canimal – Novelty Ring in Seal With A Kiss


If you’d like to take a look, the rest of my outfits are posted here in the “lookbook” set of my Flickr.


I’d also like to send a quick thank you & shout out to wordpress for having the most ridiculous and annoying text editor ever.