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just want to have a good time all the time

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2010 at 2:59 am

Skin : &Bean – Pillow Light in Makeup Eight (Skinny Brow & Freckles)
Hair : Nouveau Miranda – Gia in Blonde
Blazer : Polina Kaestner – Opened Blazer (tinted to navy. available at the vintage shop in the Afterlife sim. thanks Plastic!)
Dress : Sen*2 – Hana Tunic
Shoes : Picnic – Panu Shoes (Winter CSR 2009 Gift – until January 18th. Don’t be shy to IM me if you have questions!)
SockS : Mischeif – Baggy Socks in Rose (free! November group freebie still in notices!)
Belt : – Wide Waist Belt in Brown
Ring : Paper Couture – Limelight Ring (I didn’t notice that it wasn’t pictured because I am a terrible terrible blogger. Don’t hate me!)
Hair Bow: Detour – Kawaii Knit Ribbon in Pink
Pose : So Many Styles – Lazy Days
Listening To : Brazilian Girls – Good Time

  1. i fell in love with your eyes <3

  2. yes i love the eyes too :D
    where are they from? i cant see them listed

  3. Loove this and that dress so much!!
    Ps the blazer is still available on the sim Avatarlife in the Vintage Shop with all the old PK stuff :)

  4. Those eyes!! amazingg… I don’t see those listed… where are the from… or is that topsecret? xxx Farah

  5. Hiiii everyones. The eyes are from Mr.Poet (the creator name is hiwinyu Fazuku) and I wear the Gray and Amber colors.

    And yayyy, Plastics. I wasn’t sure cause I knew she closed P-K and then made a new shop but I’m glad the old things are still available!

  6. wow :D thats reaaaally cute ^^

  7. Do you have a creator name or slurl or exact group name for the Mischeif SockS? Nothing usable comes up on search, not even for Mischief :-(

  8. love it…even the background is cute, lol ^^

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