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Tip : Recovering missing inventory items.

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2009 at 4:28 pm

I had a minor (or potentially major) SL trauma last night/this morning when I logged in and only 6K items were in my inventory, even after clearing my cache and relogging several times. If it wasn’t for my good friend Kissy sharing this tip with me my stuff would probably still be gone and I’d be laying in the fetal position calculating how much money I just lost in $L to $USD. I figured if I had never heard of this before it’s likely that a lot of others hadn’t so I decided to share. Hope it helps someone!

1. Open Second Life and press Ctrl-Shift-G.
2. Change the new drop down menu (located net to the sign in button) from Agni to Aditi.
3. Log in (to the beta grid) and don’t accept any items to inventory.
4. Set yourself to busy and let inventory load completely.
*(Note: The missing items will still be missing at this point, just let it go until it stops saying that it’s loading.)*
5. Log out of the beta grid and reopen Second Life.
6. Change the drop down menu back to Agni and log in.
7. Let your inventory load and your missing items *should* be back.

  1. I am vuuuuury glad it worked for you.
    I might have cried for yew!!

  2. Very good to know this I will try last time, always my inventory crashes lol. This did happens with me several times. I just recover all, clearing cache and ready again inventory in a empty land. Or using another version for SL, I have Second Life and Second Life Release Candidate for this cases. And the last thing I tried with sucess, but very hard, it´s reading in another computer the folders and moving hidden itens to new folders I created.
    Thanks you for tip ^^

  3. […] Go here to see the original:  Tip : Recovering missing inventory items. […]

  4. I have given these instructions out so often I gave them their own tab/page on my blog:

    Somewhat more extensive instructions to ensure the process is not affected by a corrupted cache or other issues the SL client installation tends to develop over time.

  5. OMG. I would have cried.
    I hope all your items are back.
    or I’ll start an Esme Foundation D:

  6. @Kissssssy, thankjoooo. I would be pulling out my hair if it wasn’t for you.

    @Kyra, I’ve had to clear cache and relog before (even that freaked me out a bit lol) but it’s always come back so I was like ohhhh noo. Hopefully you won’t need to use this in the future but just in case. <3

    @Annotoole, thanks for more info! I do a good majority of that. I had never seen this tip anywhere though. Something everyone should know, I think!

    @Isadora, I was trying to stay calm about it lol. They seem to all be back. Not positive cause I don't remember my exact number count but it's close at least!

  7. Very kind of U, maybe i wouldn’t have to “re buy” some of my favorites stuffs ^^
    TY TY TY
    TY :)
    take care

  8. When SL™ lost some of my skins back in March, I did this but it didn’t solve the issue. I didn’t report it thought a ticket like I should though…

  9. Does anyone know how I can do this using a Mac?

  10. oh nevermind! lmfao figured it out! Thanks so much for posting this, Esme!

  11. @JadeLee, I hope you don’t have to! I know I’ve done it a few times on accident after forgetting that I had already bought it. >.< lol

    @Ana, Ahhh you should have! I know the night this happen I was sitting there in bed tallying up how much it would cost to rebuy all of my skins and it was making me sick. :(

    @Gemma, I'm glad you figured it out cause I would have had no idea. Haha. :x

  12. GFod – I lurve tips like this! Will you marry me?

  13. I just got partnered so you’re a few days late unless you’re welcome to battle to the SLdeath for my SLove!

  14. LL ate my whole ‘Hair’ folder… 4 yrs worth of hair, gone… i tried this beta grid thing, and several ideas from some friends. sent a ticket and all. nothing. it’s gone forever :( i still feel like crying when i think about it. i’m glad it works for some. wish it had for me…

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