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In Uncategorized on May 2, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Ahhhh so many yummy things have come out in the past few days. >.< First, Fae of Fishy Strawberry has put out her first hair release. I love the little details she puts into them like bobby pins and ribbons. <3 In addition to that, P-K has released some really simple but pretty summer dresses and Milk Motion has treated my (typically) non-heel wearing avatar to some sandals that I love so much that they may not be leaving my pixel feet for weeks. :x

Skin : Imagen – Irene (Este) in Humo (lucky chair gift)
Hair : Fishy Strawberry – Huntress II in Platinum
Dress : P-K – Two Straps Summer Dress w/ Leather Belt in Blanche
Shoes : Milk Motion – My Pocahontas Sandals (high)
Bracelets : Malt – Bracelets in Brown/Gold
Sunglasses : Vairocana Alfa – Zebra in Gray&Black
Hair Accessories : Swallowtail – Pealr Hairclip

Heavenly Peach Banquet” by Monkey.

  1. you look adorable
    BITES YOU lol <3

  2. Thankya!
    *bites you back on the bum*

  3. Tyyyy. <3 And haha I got one from the lucky chair so I didn't have to decide anymore if I wanted it enough to buy it or not.

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