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i tremble, they’re gonna eat me alive

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Zaara has been having a sale this past week (as I’m sure most/all of you know) and I pretty much bought out the rest of the store that I didn’t already own. The jeans are amazing and come in both layers and with multiple sculpted cuffs. The dress, by Whippet & Buck, is a Relay for Life exclusive that is available in their shop only until the end of the RFL season. I love it soooooo hard. It moves so well even with my AO which is incredibly wiggly and terrible with prims. In more important news, my lovely partner in snowbunnidom, Olivia Connaught, has RETURNED and is on her way to being all betters and I am so glad. Many <3s and chocolatey mens for youuuu.

Skin : Curio – Petal [Light] April in Redbud 1
Hair : Boon – GIC128 Hair in Blonde
Dress : Whippet & Buck – Haver Tiered Frock RFL
Jeans : Zaara – Classic Jeans in Slouchy Indigo
Shoes : Kalnins – Coquette (color scripted to Chicago & Portage)
Braoch : Pididdle – Cameo Broach
Headband : Miel – Tulip Headband in Champagne
Bracelet : Miam Miam – I <3 Me Bangles in Silver
Pose : Diesel Works

Help I’m Alive” by Metric.


i’ll be drawing chalk stars

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I can only handle the insanity of Bare Rose once or twice a year. I may walk away with something I love every time (yesterday was no exception) but gahhhh. Just gahhhh. I doooo, however, think the white ruffly skirt I purchased was worth it. The sweater I’ve had stuffed in my inventory for awhile. I feel like I’m so behind and there’s so much I’ve wanted to post but I will TRY not to spam you all with the same stuff you’ve been seeing on the feed for the past month. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. <3

Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] April in Pink Lady 2
Hair : Junwave – Pop’nGirl in Gold
Sweater : Parallel Love – Boa Sweater in Blue
Skirt : B@R – White Ruffle Skirt (part of Chibi Denim Outfit)
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Gowgirl Boots in Used Brown
Socks : Emery – Socks in Purple
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
Bandaid : Cheeky Girl – Skinned Knees
Pose : Gustnado Modo – Pose5

Chalk Stars” by Animal Kingdom. Love this song at the moment. <3

just in awe of what’s in front of me

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So, the carnival is over and I finally have time to blog (or even dress myself again! According to *someone* my pixel was starting to stink. I want to say a quick thank you to everyone that came out, had fun, listened to me drunkenly make a fool of myself by singing on voice, and (most importantly) donated some precious lindens to a cause that is extremely important to me personally. Our team has raised L$1,921,860 as of right now. However, the RFL season isn’t over yet. :p

Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] April in Pure 4
Hair : Junwave – Candy Girl in Normal Gold B
Jacket & Tee : Niniko – Jacket & Parker in B&B
Pants : Fashion Nomads – Gulu Capri in Black Used
Sandels : Surf Couture – Freedom Flops in Pink
Glasses : Artilleri – Buddy glasses (taped)
Pose : Flowey – I’m in the middle of your picture.

Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun (Treasure Fingers Remix).

Indie Rock for RFL Auction!

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If you’ve been hidden underneath a rock for the past week and somehow missed all the notices and talk of the Indie Rock for RFL carnival you should pay attention now. Today is the last day (most of the LE items that were up for SALE on the boardwalk will continue to be up for sale in each of the creators shops) but the items being auctioned today won’t be available again after this.

You can TP to the beach shacks now to get a taste of what will be available (including a painting by four Yip that will be mailed to the winner, a voucher for a custom skin by Gala Phoenix of Curio, Banjo Hero by Redd Columbia, a full avatar by Fishy Strawberry, a one of a kind hair by Deviant Kitties, etc etc etc.) and pick up some demos by clicking HERE.

The auction will be held HERE starting at 5PM SLT. Please try to remove as many hud objects/extra prims as you possibly can and don’t be late!


rosy, blossoming, intoxicating

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Ahhhh so many yummy things have come out in the past few days. >.< First, Fae of Fishy Strawberry has put out her first hair release. I love the little details she puts into them like bobby pins and ribbons. <3 In addition to that, P-K has released some really simple but pretty summer dresses and Milk Motion has treated my (typically) non-heel wearing avatar to some sandals that I love so much that they may not be leaving my pixel feet for weeks. :x

Skin : Imagen – Irene (Este) in Humo (lucky chair gift)
Hair : Fishy Strawberry – Huntress II in Platinum
Dress : P-K – Two Straps Summer Dress w/ Leather Belt in Blanche
Shoes : Milk Motion – My Pocahontas Sandals (high)
Bracelets : Malt – Bracelets in Brown/Gold
Sunglasses : Vairocana Alfa – Zebra in Gray&Black
Hair Accessories : Swallowtail – Pealr Hairclip

Heavenly Peach Banquet” by Monkey.