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This Will Slip Into The Sea

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2009 at 1:32 pm

DahliaJames passed me a few of her new items from Doux Petit and (with all bloggy bullshit aside) I really do love them. With this dress especially, I loved the deep grape color and the sheerness of the skirt. The quality was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I’ve been holding on to this hair for a few weeks now waiting for the perfect outfit to pair it with. I love me some big hair. <3 It was a challenge being patient but I love everything about this so I’m glad I did. xo

Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : Glitter Hair – Umbrella in Platinum
Dress : Doux Petit – Boho Sheer Dress in Purple
Shoes : Boing Fromage – Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Sandals
Bracelets : Fetch Alternative – 4 Bangles
Headband : Lamb – Lovetones (band modified to fit)

Listening to : “Nantes” by Beirut.

  1. You look gorgie, that color is unbelievable. Grape sorbet heaven. :D

  2. Ty!! I loves this color. There are others that are nice as well but this one was my fav.

  3. I really like your style. All the skins you wear are so beautiful. Nice blog!

  4. Thanks! Kara Eagles are my absolute favorite!

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