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Heading To Dreamville

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2009 at 6:21 pm

As everyone already knows, the add on to the Cupcakes sim was opened yesterday and while naughty camming around into places I probably shouldn’t have been, I found Cherrie Markova’s new store. Heading To Dreamville seems to not be finished yet, as there were no demos out and half of the boxes weren’t for sale… but I couldn’t help myself. :x


Months ago, I used to run into Irie Campese from time to time in Pug City. I found myself inspecting her nearly every time and being impressed that she was the creator of these outfits that I had never seen on anyone else but that were also so well made. So Many Styles has grown a lot since then and I can’t say that any of it has been a disappointment.


It’s taken me forever to even get a few snapshots because my laptop is broken (yay for crashing, freezing, missing attachments, and every other problem SL could possibly have) but I was itching to post this.


Skin : Gala – Petal FREX [Light] Lovely in Vintage Rose
Hair : Heading To Dreamville (Gigi Couture) – Camellia in Vanilla Latte (with band)
Shirt : So Many Styles – Funky Retro Hoodie in Magenta
Skirt : SG Fashion – Lee Overall Dress in Brown Belt
Boots : TOSL (Tree & Ocean SL) – Sweater Wellies in Pewter
Knee : Cheeky Girl – skinned Knee


And I’m still on a Bloc Party kick so enjoy. “Pioneers” by Bloc Party.

  1. loooooooooooved this look too <3

  2. yer mah pretty lil beybee <33

  3. Thanks, guys. :D

  4. yaay!^^! thanks soo much for blogging my hair!!<33 i made it in new textures btw!! tyty <33 and cute boots!

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