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Oh This World Was Made For Ending

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I duno about anyone else, but February has been a completely crap month and I’m excited for it to be over. Can we all send positive vibes to March that it will be less sucky and also more warm? Spring pleaseeee?! Ok, enough complaining… I’m gonna be honest here. This outfit was pretty much put together to show off the new tattoo I made for my pixels today. I love my little birdies. <3


Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] Lovely in Vintage Rose 1
Hair : Damselfly – Cerys in Blonde Dusky
Dress : Ume Mode – Sun Dress in Wine
Jeans : BP* – Colored Denim in Blue/Rose
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Cowgirl Boot in Used Brown
Flower : Artilleri – Leo Lily (color scripted)
All Poses : Lotta


Planes Like Vultures” by Le Loup.


Posemaker Challenge : (Penny Dreadful Arcade)

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I’ll spare you all my normal nonsense about the outfit and get right to the point of this post. POSES! I’ve been meaning to do a post with my favorite pose makers for awhile but as you all know… I’m a lazy little bastard. So, when I saw the Posemaker Challenge (started by Achiriya) I knew I had to participate.


Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] Lovely in Chocolate Peach 2
Hair : Kin – Ash in Demo Colors
Tank : Sn@tch – Cockmouth Wifebeater
Corset : Tuli – Yvette (old group gift)
Skirt : &Bean – Signalling Through the Flames in Mog1
Stockings : League – Brown Garter Ella Stockings in Light Brown
Boots : Zero Number – Wo Boots



I chose poses from Penny Dreadful Arcade (pda) because Not only are the creators two of my very good friends, but the poses are some of the most unique I’ve come across, all of which are named after songs and movies. (Check them out if you’re not familiar with the names – Izzy and Sam both have great taste!) The store is located in Dogtown and I suggest joining the subscribo while you’re there. There *may* or may not not be a couple freebies thrown in there. (Ok, there are!) :x


Click for closeups of each shot!
(If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire, Only Anarchists Are Pretty, Apathy (Subhumans), Strychnine, Trunk Bomb)


And the song for the day – “Antichrist Television Blues” by Arcade Fire.

This Modern Love Breaks Me

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So, I’m still a bit half here when it comes to SL but my recent shopping spree has given me the thrust back into blogging that I needed. I was trying to resist the new Gala skins all week but I finally gave in. :x Don’t tell. I love love love the face. For the outfit I wanted a dress that was less full so I took the flexi prims off of the skirt from Yui’s Favorite Things and only left the sculpty. Hoorenbeek may be a bit pricey, but there are 10 different textures in these slip ons that range from tattoo flash to Hello Kitty. The pair with the cute little face and cherry blossoms featured in this post is by far my favorite out of all of them!


Skin : Gala – Petal [Light] Lovely in Pure 1
Hair : Maitreya – Apple in Ash Blond
Dress : Yui’s Favorite Things – Spring Wanpi in Navy
Undershirt : Emery – Tank in White
Tights : Nyte’N’Day – Tights in Pink (part of Retesk outfit)
Shoes : Hoorenbeek – Print Slip Ons in Nippon


This song has been stuck in my head for days now for some reason.
This Modern Love” by Owen Pallett (Bloc Party Cover).

Ridin’ High When I Was King

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Okay okay, I know I’m late. I put this outfit together over a week ago (for Valentines day) and still have it on. Haven’t been able to/wanted be on SL much this week do to major RL suckiness, but I’m back-ish now. :) Anyway, thank you to Morrigan for the crown and Kookie for the flats! /me loves them both. I know the hair is all over the feeds, but it’s obnoxiously big and the prefect shade of pink. I just couldn’t help myself even if I do feel like I’m cheating on the blondness. :p I hope all of you can control yourself in the presence of my feminine beauty. Who wants to pick my nose?


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Punch
Hair : Lamb – Breeze in Bubble Gum (free in group)
Dress : Indie Rainbow – Sealion Woman Collection in Black Lace
Shoes : Kookie – Ella Petite Flats in Pink
Leggigns : M.A.I.I.K.I – Long Leggings in Black
Crown : The Black Canary – Divine Right (Mini Crown)
Necklace : junkDrawer – Crypt Tales Necklace
Snot : Free Speerit – FS snot/Blood (tinted to pink)


/me puts “Beggin‘” by Frankie Valli (Pilooski Remix) on repeat.