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Because of Boys…

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2009 at 3:23 pm

This hair is one of my favorite from Aden, but no longer available to my knowledge. It has a cute little hair clip in the back which it appears that I didn’t get a shot of. (Feel free t slap me.) And… okay, so I admit it. I do have a little bit of an obsession with Hello Kitty (just like everyone else). And while Hello Kitty Online still won’t let me log in, I’m stuck here in SL. These skate shoes from Action will fill me Sanrio desires for now, I suppose. >:l


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Tropic
Hair : Aden – Camie in LightBlonde (old group gift) & Milla Bangs in LightBlonde
Shirt : Canimal – Kawaii-BT in Lucky (long sleeves)
Hoodie : B@R – Snack Snack Parka in Blue
Skirt : Canimal – Street Mini in Black
Shoes : Action – Skate Shoes in Kitty
Leggings : Endeavor – Zebra Leggings in White


A Cause Des Garcons” by Yelle (remixed).

  1. You know. Im mad about hello kitty , thanks for sharing about the shoes. Just went out and got them. Sooo Cute :)

  2. I know! They’re too cute. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen them anywhere before. Think they may be semi-new. I don’t remember seeing them on my last trip to Action, at least. Glad you like and happy to help another kitty fiend. :)

  3. You got banned from Hello Kitty Online!? D:

  4. I just tried to log into it also , after just joining HK online and It wont let me get on. Or the bf
    hahah. (:

  5. This is worse than being cockblocked!

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