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The Echo’s Just Right

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Can someone explain to me how it’s possible that I still find things I don’t remember seeing at BP* after a year on SL and dozens upon dozens of visits? Regardless of the fact that I am apparently oh so very perceptive, I love this skirt. Especially the version with all the little leaves scattered on it. It should also be noted that the jacket (which comes with an entire outfit) was only L$25. They also have a billion and one freebies. I’m not usually one to say “you need to go here, you need to get this” but Izumiya is definitely one place I’d recommend. A lot of good quality items and everything is EXTRAORDINARILY cheap!


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : Zero Style – CSR’s Hair01 in Swedish Blond
Coat : Izumiya – Cort (part of Fashion Set No.18)
Tank : Surf Couture – Dotalicious Halter in Green/Yell/Blue
Skirt : BP* – Linen Skirt with Spring Leaf
Shoes : Boing Fromage – Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats
Leaf : BP* – Sprig2/iwaki/v2


A very sweetly playful whispered little lullaby that I currently can’t stop playing: “The Bathtime Beat” by Lullatone



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