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Lay Right Down In My Favorite Place

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Hmm… where to start with this outfit? I love it all. The dress reminds me of something old but still delicate and pretty that you’d find while cleaning out the attic. To kind of offset how feminine it is, I paired it with boots from Zero Number which have sort of worn in look to them. When I finished the outfit off, I felt like it still needed something so I went on a little shopping trip (in my own inventory) and rediscovered this cute little hair bow with a cameo pendant that I can not for the life of me remmeber buying but am glad that I found!


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : 69 – Still in Darkblonde
Jacket : Coco – Jacket&Shirt in Navy-White
Dress : The Closet – DotDress in Ivory
Shoes : Zero Number – Wo Boots in Black
Socks : Emery – My Bloody Valentine Socks
Bow : Violet Voltaire – Girl Germs Hair Bow in Black/Gargoyle


I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Emilie Simon (Iggy Pop cover).


Because of Boys…

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This hair is one of my favorite from Aden, but no longer available to my knowledge. It has a cute little hair clip in the back which it appears that I didn’t get a shot of. (Feel free t slap me.) And… okay, so I admit it. I do have a little bit of an obsession with Hello Kitty (just like everyone else). And while Hello Kitty Online still won’t let me log in, I’m stuck here in SL. These skate shoes from Action will fill me Sanrio desires for now, I suppose. >:l


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Tropic
Hair : Aden – Camie in LightBlonde (old group gift) & Milla Bangs in LightBlonde
Shirt : Canimal – Kawaii-BT in Lucky (long sleeves)
Hoodie : B@R – Snack Snack Parka in Blue
Skirt : Canimal – Street Mini in Black
Shoes : Action – Skate Shoes in Kitty
Leggings : Endeavor – Zebra Leggings in White


A Cause Des Garcons” by Yelle (remixed).

The Echo’s Just Right

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Can someone explain to me how it’s possible that I still find things I don’t remember seeing at BP* after a year on SL and dozens upon dozens of visits? Regardless of the fact that I am apparently oh so very perceptive, I love this skirt. Especially the version with all the little leaves scattered on it. It should also be noted that the jacket (which comes with an entire outfit) was only L$25. They also have a billion and one freebies. I’m not usually one to say “you need to go here, you need to get this” but Izumiya is definitely one place I’d recommend. A lot of good quality items and everything is EXTRAORDINARILY cheap!


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : Zero Style – CSR’s Hair01 in Swedish Blond
Coat : Izumiya – Cort (part of Fashion Set No.18)
Tank : Surf Couture – Dotalicious Halter in Green/Yell/Blue
Skirt : BP* – Linen Skirt with Spring Leaf
Shoes : Boing Fromage – Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats
Leaf : BP* – Sprig2/iwaki/v2


A very sweetly playful whispered little lullaby that I currently can’t stop playing: “The Bathtime Beat” by Lullatone


Bunny Blog Challenge!

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This was (for the most part) my outfit for Uma’s birthday party last month, which I never got around to posting. It also seems to be kind of my “default” outfit whenever I put the bun bun avi on. As sickeningly cute as I could possibly make it! :p


-Turbo Bunsme-
Av : DP Yumyum – Story of a Bunny in Gray (CSR gift)
Hair : Zero Style – Orie in Swedish Blonde
Shirt : Armidi Limited – Twiggy Adored Tee in Blue
Skirt : Wrong – PolkaDot Mini in Black
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP018
Legwarmers : Maitreya – SoHo Boots in Boho-Rock (only the top part)
Skin : Free Speerit – Ashlee in Moustache
Hair : Marai Style – Losa in Coco
Shirt : Armidi Limited – Twiggy Adored Tee in Blue
Vest : Kenzie – Sequins Glamour Vest
Skirt : Wrong – PolkaDot Mini in Black
Shoes : Juicy – Slingback Pumps in Grape
Necklace : Mijn Boa – Devon Aoki Necklace
Leg : Mijn Boa – Mijn’s Leg (modified)


In Step” by Frankmusik.

Crush On Obama

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It’s true. I do, indeed, have a crush on Obama. Not only does our president not embarrass me for the first time in 8 years, but the man is just plain tasty. I’m just sayin’. Anyway, this outfits a little bit recycled from election day but it was never posted to the blog and seemed fitting for today also. :p The shirt obviously does say crush on it and not cush (it’s just difficult to take pictures of text on the back of shirts without the letters getting wonky because of poses) and it’s available (for FREE!) in Uma’s shop. :)


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Mirai Style – Fuka in Vanilla
Shirt : ToastFace – Obama Crush Tee
Skirt : UnTone Quilt – Denimskirt in Black
Shoes : Soreal – Superstars in SSP014
Leggings : Emery – Leggings 1
Socks : Sh*t Happens – Over The Knee Tube Socks in Black
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses


Yes We Can” by (among many other guests.)

Shoulda Put A RANG On It

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This outfit was created around the Ana Banana hair from Inorite by miss Violet Morellet. The store has been in the works for awhile now but just opened earlier this week. So far, Ana Banana and Addy are definitely in the lead for my favs. :p


Details :
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : Inorite – Ana Banana in Hit the Bottle, Baby
Jacket : A&M – Punk Baby Outfit
Shirt : 141 – 0509 (Mens Plaid Button Up)
Pants : Wrong – Faded Ripped Jeans in Black
& cuffs from Sh*T Happens – Skinny Jeans in Black Fade (tinted)
Shoes : NoLabel – Cowboy Boots in Black
Scarf : Massimo – Border Fringe Stole Check in Pink (that’s what it says? o.O whut?!)


And… ok… I normally wouldn’t be a fan of hers but… /me hides.
Single Ladies” by Beyonce. OMG obsession. Bitch is sassy. >.<

Viva La Pop!

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I’ve been back from my trip for a few days now but I’ve also been even more of a lazy little bastard than usual. I started out this outfit with this dress and a green trench. Sometime between then and posting it I lost the coat and added a necklace of the same color (which took for-freaking-ever to mod) in it’s place. This hair is everywhere right now, I know, but I fell in SLove with it instantly and haven’t taken it off my pixely head since.


Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Sweet
Hair : Deja Vu – 2009 Otoshidama (group gift – modified slightly)
Dress : BomBon – Check Dress
Pants : Sh*t Happens – Skinny Jean in Dark Fade
Shoes : Detour – London Flats in Coffee
Glasses : Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
Necklace : Zaara – Kaya Malachite Necklace in Gold (modified to make it longer)
Bracelet : Ume Mode – Wood Bracelet


United State of Pop 2008” by DJ Earworm.
(Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits/25 Songs That I Hate Mashed Into One That I Love)