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In Uncategorized on December 21, 2008 at 11:12 pm

A friend dropped this sweater and the ear muffs on me today as an early gift. <3 Yay for Christmas (or Hanukkah in this case?) gifts! And thank you! /me SLoves. The Wonder Cycle is a CSR gift from HPMD. I won’t go on and on about CSR because we all already know how amazing it is. If you’ve got any questions or don’t understand how it works (I didn’t until this past summer) feel free to leave a comment or IM me in world. :)


Cycle : HPMD – WonderCycle (CSR gift)
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : Truth – Polly in Tahiti-Maple
Sweater : en Svale – Cowichan Sweater in Gray
Skirt : Free Soul – Sporty Skirt in Black
Boots : AuMa – Knitted Boots in Black
Leggings – MG Fashion – Matching Leggings in Brown (from the “Le Fashionable Python” outfit)
Earmuffs : MCH – HugHugBear Ear Muffs


Bump” by Spank Rock.

  1. Esme, you are so adorable!! I really love this outfit! Totally something I’d adore wearing in SL and IRL <333 I’m linking you, a new fav for sure <333

  2. Wow, this outfit is hott!! Super Cute:) I’m looking to purchase all of it to wear at a school event this month, but I can’t find the pieces! Grrr! I am getting frustrated~ help a girl out?

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