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Japanese Gum

In Uncategorized on December 11, 2008 at 7:22 pm

I started this outfit around something that I ended up not even wearing… so maybe that explains the craziness? The belt includes a pack of Pocky, a Nintendo DS (I edited mine to pink to match the one I have in RL), and a couple super cute key chains hanging off of it. In all honesty, this sweater can get kind of strange with AOs (if you’ve seen me in world you know I’m… er… wiggly) but I love it none the less. The shorts have little hand prints on ze booty. <3 I wanted to wear a sorta goofy skin with this so I dug through my inventory and found an adorable mustached skin from Free Speerit that was a group gift a few months back. I’m not one of those girls that switches skins constantly, but I’m considering buying some of these now. :p Opinions?


Skin : Free Speerit – Ashlee in Moustace (old group gift)
Hair : Cake – Wish II in Pecan
Sweater : Acid Mall – Hoodie in White
Shorts : Here Comes Trouble – Skort in Artist (not wearing the skirt prim)
Shoes : Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops
Socks : RunoRuno – Knit Stockings in Black
Belt : Eat Rice – Fan Girl Belt (modified the DS to make it pink)
Gloves : DoMoCo – Stub Gloves in Black


And your daily song : Japanese Gum by Her Space Holiday

  1. *Pets your stache*

    You comment deleting whoar.

  2. Lolll it was an accident. :/

    I am suave.

  3. They don’t know how!

    (who the hells pic is in the first post?)

  4. I will not behave!

  5. Hi! Lovely style!

    I have added you blog in our links, hope it’s ok ^^

  6. Thanks! :) I’ve added you guys back as well.

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