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Welcome to The Dollhouse

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2008 at 9:43 pm

After begging Uma to take off her creepy chibi avatar I went digging for the cute sculpted doll face hidden somewhere in my inventory. Previously, I had been too lazy to create a shape for it and fit everything to it. It was too pudgey and adorable to let it sit in my inventory forever though. The teddy bear AO from ANAmations worked perfectly with the knife and it’s been fun TPing into random places and emoting stares and evil little dolly thoughts. :p


Dolly Avatar

Face : All Dolled Up – Sculpted Chubby Cheeks Head in Sweet Blues (tinted to match skin color)
Hair : Katat0nik – Lolli Hair in Dark Black
Shirt : Katat0nik – Little Swallow Queen Hoodie in Pink
Skirt : Katat0nik – Plaid Butterfly Skirt in Pink (L$1)
Shoes : Katat0nik – Bowie Mary Janes (L$1)
Stockings : Sheer – Tights 06 (Torn Dots in Black)
Knife : Caithris Island – Halloween Michael Myers Knife

  1. aww this is so cute! for weeks now i have been creating a series of ”dolls” based off of rl ones that im obsessed with… just today one of the collectors i follow got a new wig on one of hers and i literally spent my whole day trying to recreate the shape and find the perfect skin for her. (lol even sy tried to make one, too) the hardest part of making the shapes has def been in the cheek/lip proportions & i never would have guessed someone made sculpty pieces to help with this. im def going to check them out. yay! :)

  2. I went back the other day to see if there were shapes and skins to go along with the face. They have tons of stuff but I couldn’t seem to find the sculpted heads again. I may have missed them though. Good luck. :p And you should post some of them!

  3. oh subs a really close friend of mine, ill bug her about them. and ya im planning on posting eventually, i got one doll done a while ago, but then got stopped when the mag needed worked on. hopefully ill get a nice lil bunch of pics out soonish. and hahaha @ the polyhumper thingies today, sorry i didnt stick around long- but thanks for the tp :)

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