Esme Milena

Well Suited

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2008 at 4:46 am

I had been frantically searching everywhere for MORE slouchy prim socks for weeks (or months) when I finally decided to modify the leg warmers that I could never get to fit Esme’s (apparently thick) legs and it worked perfectly! The rest is pretty self explanatory, I think.


LookBook - Esme Milena - 2008.11.21
Skin : Karamia – MIA Pale in Cora
Hair : ETD – Laine in Platinum
Jacket : Arai – (mens) tailored Jacket
Shirt : Camie Cooper – Long Tank in White
Pants : DP YumYum – Leggings in Purple
Shoes : Detour – London Flats in Blac
Socks : Cubic Effect – Legwarmers in Silver (modifed)


Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone. Shove lots of turkey in your face holes. <3

  1. You rock those socks…and mine too <3

  2. *shoves Stokki comment in the turkey’s hole* Well, that’s just cause you were the first one to comment and I’m jealous.
    Now, babay, I hope you’re finished with the blog furnishing and all cause I’m moving in. :P sort of.
    Children are proud. <3

  3. Thankya for ze comments, babays. And yes I think I’m done getting situated and stuff. <3

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